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We are a small and diverse team from many backgrounds: Marketing, television, retail, design, image making, advertising and psychology. At Image Lab Studio we combine two our biggest passions: image making, and the relationship between humans and their environment. As we move further into the 21 century – and the boundaries of our reality gets more and more blurry – we are fascinated by the development of our perception and uses of space: How do we use retail locations? What is the purpose of the workplace? How do we experience environments – digitally, virtually and physically – and are our emotions different in any of these cases?

Companies today face a very discerning audience, as the public has become highly educated in terms of image and narrative. They consume vast amounts of content, and they create their own. The choice is then not whether a static image, a motion video or the virtual digital realm, but between an ascetic vision that is stale and flat, or content that is energizing, engaging and powerful. Whether we are capturing your work or helping you create a connection through a spatial environment, we are – at our core – storytellers. At Image Lab Studio we set out to deliver a compelling narrative. Whatever choice of media, purpose and platform, we will find a way to cut through the noise and shine the spotlight on your project.

It is clear that the paradigms of what is needed from workplace and retail environments will continue to shift, and we are here to help you navigate the way into the future.

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October 1, 2021

A room with a view

The view from Zonkd offices at the White Magnolia Plaza – overlooking Lujiazui and the Huangpu River – are so breathtaking that can be easy to...
  • Strategy


  • Design

    Charlie Tonelli

  • Client

    Space Matrix for Zonkd

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June 12, 2021

Blending with tradition

A wayfinding iconography set should convey much more than the way to the nearest exit. It’s an opportunity for a company to speak about itself –...
  • Design

    Marcelo Ross

  • Client


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The words ‘basement’ and ‘mailroom’ rarely convey images of fun and excitement, but that was precisely what we set out to do. Our client shared their...
  • Service

    Graphic Design, Installation, Art Up

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August 14, 2021


Our task was to explain visually the different behavior of the 5 elevator cars, in a way that was effective, clear (across languages and cultures) and...
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Mystical bookstore

Working inside of a former Orthodox church and unable to renovate, alter or touch any part of it, the team at Wutopia Lab got nowhere to...
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Parisian bistro

We worked in two different fronts in this project: First we designed the logo and visual identity of the restaurant, and then conceptualized and built the...
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June 4, 2018


  • Design

    Abbey Melsheimer

  • Client

    Perkins + Will

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