Casa Luna is a boutique rental in the heart of San Telmo (Buenos Aires). So central in fact is its location, that the street is closed on weekends to host a famous art market. The owners wanted to find a way to introduce the artistic community to its guests, and signal to the artists themselves their intent to support and promote their work.

Given San Telmo’s history with Tango – it is where most of the famous venues are located to this day – we proposed a feature where a dozen of local artists would intervene the pages of a book by famed Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges. A book he wrote to pay homage to Tango roots. So in one single exercise we were able to tie the community, the market, Borges and Tango – all in all the quintessential Argentinean passions, and the spirit of San Telmo.


CLIENT: La Casa Luna
PROJECT: La Casa Luna
CONCEPT: Abbey Melsheimer
YEAR: 2018
LOCATION: Buenos Aires