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The novel charm of an old craft

It’s hard to overstate the primal sensory appeal of a great impression. From the tactile lushness of the folio to the paper’s scent and the sound of the turning pages. If you want to gift your client with a lasting souvenir of that special project — from first drafts to construction phases to finished work — or to print a limited run of your best work to celebrate a successful year, IMAGELAB will conceptualize, write, shoot, design and print the perfect memento for the occasion.

Imagine the possibilities

  • Luxury premium item for clients, suppliers, the public and the press
  • Brand ambassador that expands your presence beyond the digital realm
  • Limited edition premium item that can become a collector’s item
  • Collaborative platform for design exploration
  • Elevate and highlight your brand image further beyond

A one stop shop

From concept to book binding, IMAGELAB can manage the entire process – including copywriting, photo editing, layout design and printing. Imagining and bringing such a concept to life involves catering to many stakeholders with different opinions. We are a one-stop shop with the ability to take care of all the moving parts, and making sure that everyone’s interests are catered to.

Whether we are documenting your work, or helping you bring to life a visual idea, we are – at our core – storytellers. At IMAGELAB we always set out to deliver a compelling narrative. Whatever choice of media, purpose and platform, we will find a way to cut through the noise and shine the spotlight on your project.