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Class and versatility

IMAGELAB’s narrative abilities shine when it comes to conceptualizing, writing and producing short-form video vignettes. From documenting the entirety of a project to interviewing all parties involved, we can help you create strong featurettes that celebrate the coming to life of your design. Similarly, we can present your own skills in a way that is engaging, dynamic and real.

Video is the universal language of today…

  • Video featurettes
  • Video presentations
  • Social media
  • Project overview / recap

…be sure to speak it well

From architectural photography to video featurettes, at IMAGELAB we take a decidedly active role in staging our shoots. By setting meticulous preproduction standards – as used in film and television -, with careful attention to camera motion, editing, flow, music mood and lens selection, and the right choice of props — mist, water, smoke, light — we aim to show how a space feels, not only how it looks.

Whether we are documenting your work, or helping you bring to life a visual idea, we are – at our core – storytellers. At IMAGELAB we always set out to deliver a compelling narrative. Whatever choice of media, purpose and platform, we will find a way to cut through the noise and shine the spotlight on your project.