[vc_banner_title color_style="light" subtitle="A UNIQUE SET OF SKILLS" title="About us" img="3414" …
[vc_banner_title color_style=”light” subtitle=”A UNIQUE SET OF SKILLS” title=”About us” img=”3414″ enable_overlay=”true” enable_fullheight=”true” columns=”%5B%7B%7D%5D”][/vc_banner_title]
[vc_headings title=”Many talents.
One goal.” heading_size=”h2″ subtitle=”THE EXPERTISE”]Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of marketing, television, retail, design, image making, advertising and psychology. Furthermore, we work with artists, craftsmen, writers, engineers – and a vast array of talented individuals as the jobs require. Amidst all of their voices and throughout every step, we never lose sight of our goal: to help architects and designers bridge the emotional distance between ‘use’ and ‘design’ (CONNECT), capture the feeling and emotion in any given design (DOCUMENT) and harness the power of experiencing an environment through different media (AMPLIFY).[/vc_headings]
[vc_headings title=”Passion, ingenuity
and professionalism.” heading_size=”h2″ subtitle=”THE TEAM”]We are a small and diverse team from many backgrounds: Marketing, television, retail, design, image making, advertising and psychology. At IMAGELAB we combine two our biggest passions: on one hand, image making and storytelling, and on the other, the relationship between humans and their environment. As we move further into the 21 century – and the boundaries of our reality gets more and more blurry – we are fascinated by the development of our perception and uses of space: How do we use retail locations, what is the purpose of the workplace, how do we experience environments – digitally, virtually and physically (and are our emotions different in any of these cases)?

But our curiosity notwithstanding, we are at the core CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVERS. Every time, the client is at the heart of the matter. Our main goal is to first understand, then highlight and communicate our client’s values and individuality through image making and design. We are visual storytellers but the story is never about us.


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