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Spaces, environments, can be experienced directly – by being there – or indirectly: by seeing, hearing and being told about them. Video does this better than any other media, but; how does your brand speak its language? Is it fast camera movements, or smooth traveling shots? A quick editing rhythm, or a long cadence of fading transitions? How about the treatment of color, composition and music? Your brand has a tone of voice. Let us help you showcase your space in a manner that is cinematically ON BRAND.


Successful environments are almost always the result of the degree in which a set of parameters (i.e. degrees of modernity and classicism, degrees of warmth and sterility, degrees of privacy and gregariousness, etc.) in the design intention match those same parameters in the collective users’ expectations. At Image Lab Studio we developed our own proprietary software to help us reduce the guesswork in this endeavor.

Among the many exciting things that we’re lucky enough to get paid to create, one of our absolute favorites have to be the chance to work with communities. In this case, we were able to bring in a collective of artists to intervene a feature for a boutique rental house. What could be more fun?

Short teaser showcasing some of our work and identity.


Taikoo Li’s new offices in Qiantan implied not only a change of scene, but also a change of culture. We worked with design studio Space Matrix to create two featurettes (one in English, one in Chinese) that could capture the excitement of the move, while subtly educating long standing employees into the dynamics of the new workplace.

No matter the circumstances or the architecture, moving employees to a new location is always a stressful situation. People are concerned about their new commute, their new work area (and that of their colleagues), etc. In order to prepare the team for such a move, we worked with L’Oréal on this featurette to hype up the new campus to their staff.

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December 1, 2021

Work/Life balance

As the company responsible for the whole Taikoo Li Qiantan development in the New Bund, it was imperative that their offices reflected the mantra and ‘raison...
  • Client

    Space Matrix

  • Photography

    Charlie T

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October 1, 2021

A room with a view

The view from Zonkd offices at the White Magnolia Plaza – overlooking Lujiazui and the Huangpu River – are so breathtaking that can be easy to...
  • Strategy


  • Design

    Charlie Tonelli

  • Client

    Space Matrix for Zonkd

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June 12, 2021

Blending with tradition

A wayfinding iconography set should convey much more than the way to the nearest exit. It’s an opportunity for a company to speak about itself –...
  • Design

    Marcelo Ross

  • Client


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The words ‘basement’ and ‘mailroom’ rarely convey images of fun and excitement, but that was precisely what we set out to do. Our client shared their...
  • Service

    Graphic Design, Installation, Art Up

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August 14, 2021


Our task was to explain visually the different behavior of the 5 elevator cars, in a way that was effective, clear (across languages and cultures) and...
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Mystical bookstore

Working inside of a former Orthodox church and unable to renovate, alter or touch any part of it, the team at Wutopia Lab got nowhere to...
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Parisian bistro

We worked in two different fronts in this project: First we designed the logo and visual identity of the restaurant, and then conceptualized and built the...
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