Work Process

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Our approach is always rooted in communication and research, in order to understand the underlying intention. The context of a project fundamental to our direction. Our curiosity leads us to explore the circumstances around each project in the search for insight and inspiration, a process that is enriched by the creative testing of ideas, connecting them to wider references of material culture, science, technology, art and landscape.



Research informs, influences and defines everything we plan. The nature of a problem, its context and circumstance, spawns our creativity. Since design and narrative can not exist in a vacuum, research and understanding aren’t a step in our process, but the fuel that keeps us moving forward. Collaboration is also instinctive to us at IMAGELAB. We continue to ask questions, listen and discuss, nurturing an environment that’s open and inclusive.


Partnership is integral to what we do and how we do it. Our clients and collaborators are like-minded and driven by the same values and vision as ourselves. This collaboration strengthens the role of design, vision and storytelling. Our methodology is absolutely transparent, with every step of the process accessible through a shared project management tool. Our way of work looks up to natural processes, mindful that creativity in the business world is a collaborative endeavor.



No matter how brilliant, how inspired an idea might be, it always lives or dies on its execution. We can set out to do exceptional things, but if the outcome is anything but perfect, the rest amounts to next to nothing. Serving both creativity and efficiency, our attention to detail has allowed us to better understand, and therefore better execute. This is complemented by our communicative attitude and a disciplined project management to ensure projects are delivered within planned budgets and timelines.